Top RV Tips for Traveling with Pets

Don’t leave your fur babies behind! They’re a part of your family, so plan on taking them with you in all your vacations in your new or used RV. But, it will require just a little bit of extra planning and preparation, so follow our RV tips for traveling with pets below.

Traveling with Pets

Get Them Ready

If your pet hasn’t done a lot of traveling before, get them ready for a road trip by taking them on a few short trips in the weeks ahead of time. This can be like a drive around the block or subdivision, to the park, etc. Why is this important? Pets can get carsick, too, and the last thing you need while on the road – for your or your fur baby – is a pet suffering from motion sickness. A few quick drives to help them acclimate can do wonders. Also, ask your vet for any recommendations that can help soothe an upset tummy while traveling.

Traveling with Pets

If you haven’t already had your pet microchipped, this is an essential time to do so. Changes in scenery, smells, and any traveling anxiety can cause even loyal fur babies to wander or even bolt – and, human mistakes happen. Your pet could get outside your new or used RV if a door is accidentally left open. A microchip can mean the difference in finding your pet again, so make sure this and any other shots/tag updates are scheduled before you leave.


While Traveling

Pack for your fur baby, too! If your pet has a favorite blanket or toy, bring it. Packing your RV with your family’s essentials and creature comforts means doing the same thing for your beloved pet, too. So pack a few of their favorites!

Plan for frequent stops to let your dog out for a walk, run, or play. Nobody likes feeling cooped up – humans or pets, so plan to take frequent rest stops to stretch legs and get a change of scenery.

Pet Friendly RVs

Many of our new and used RVs for sale are ready to welcome your pet on your vacations! Ask us about RVs that include pet feeding dishes that slide in and out. Your pet can have its own place to eat, and you’ll appreciate the convenience that keeps the food and water contained. We’d love to help you get on the road in an RV that’s good for your entire family, including your furry loved ones, so contact us today.

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