Four Tips for Labor Day Weekend Camping

If you’re planning one last fun camping trip with your family this summer, you’re not alone! Labor Day weekend is a classic weekend for many families to head out before the weather starts getting cooler. Keep these tips for Labor Day weekend camping in mind so you can make the most of your trip!

Make Your Reservations Now

Labor Day weekend is traditionally a busy weekend for businesses, campgrounds, and tourist attractions. Campgrounds quickly fill up, and many indoor attractions are functioning at reduced capacity. Make your reservations as soon as you can, and have a “Plan B” in mind. Staying flexible is essential to having fun! And remember, sometimes the best memories are made without having to make a reservation at all – like going fishing with your kids or taking a nature walk with the grandkids.

Labor Day Camping

Schedule RV Service

Our RV service department can make sure your new or used RV is ready to hit the road. Prevention is always cheaper than repair, so stay on top of your RV maintenance and give us a call!

Check the Weather Radar

Depending on where you live – and where you’re traveling – the weather definitely has a mind of its own! We’ve all had camping trips rained out before, but be mindful of the forecast in dry climates, where burn bans may likely be in effect. Plus, keeping an eye on the weather forecast can impact the plans you make (have some indoor museums or attractions lined up in the event an outdoor activity gets rained out) or even what clothes you pack.

Shop Smart for Groceries

I like to make vacation meal plans in advance and buy all of the non perishables at that time. I can portion off seasonings or dry goods, or pre-assemble certain ingredients. Then, the night before we leave, I buy the perishables we need – or even just wait until we arrive at our destination, if it’s not terribly remote and a grocery store is nearby.

Labor Day Camping

A little bit of advance planning on groceries can save you hassle and frustration while camping!

Contact us today to get some last minute RV service on the books. Summer is almost over, so enjoy the few days left with your family. We’re ready to help!

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