Buying a Used RV: What Should You Ask?

Shopping for your first RV can be as intimidating as it is exciting, especially if you’re not familiar with them. You may be itching to get out on the open road, and buying a used RV is an excellent place to start. Before you jump the gun, however, be sure to ask a lot of questions so you don’t wind up stuck with a lemon. Not sure what to ask? Don’t worry – we’ve made it easy for you.

How many people have owned this RV, and how much did they drive it?

It may seem like the less owners that there have been, the better – but that’s not necessarily the case. If an RV has had multiple owners and is still in great shape, that means it’s been well cared for. If it has more miles and it was driven often, chances are, it was serviced regularly. An RV with little to no miles could have been sitting in storage for extended periods of time, meaning that it could use a little extra TLC.

Are there any maintenance records?

Records of service will tell you everything that previous owners can’t (or won’t). Maintenance records alone are a good sign, regardless of what’s on them; they tell you that the owners were responsible and diligent in caring for their RV. See what’s been serviced in the past, and look out for any red flags.

What additional fees can I expect?

If you find what you think is an excellent deal, don’t get too excited just yet. The ticketed price of the RV likely doesn’t include other fees that you’ll have to pay to take the rig home. Dealership fees and taxes are a given, but you may have other purchase fees to consider. Before you tell the salesman that you’re ready to buy, make sure you find out how much you’ll really be spending. If you’re not shopping at a dealership, you still have registration fees to consider.

When were the tires last replaced?

You might be able to find this information in the maintenance records, but if not, be sure to find out. Ask how many miles the current tires have on them, and take a good look at the tread. Research how often the tires need to be replaced on that particular type of rig, and how much they cost; Class A RV tires are especially expensive.

Does it have all of the features I’m looking for?

Before you start the shopping process, do some research and find out what features are in your budget and which ones you can’t live without. You may want all of the fancy bells and whistles, or you may just want a little extra insulation to keep you warm in the winter. Know what you’re willing to compromise on, too – you may find that your favorite rig on the lot doesn’t have everything you dreamed of.

Is it still under warranty?

If the rig is gently used, it may still be under warranty. There will come a time or two when it needs to be serviced, and if an existing warranty will cover the costs, you’ll absolutely want to know. If it is still under warranty, find out what, exactly, it covers.

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