4 Great Road Trip Games the Whole Family Will Love

If you’re heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for the holidays, you’re going to want some great road trip games to eat up the hours along the way. We’ve included some of our favorite road trip games to play along the way, as well as a few fun games to keep the little ones occupied while spending time with relatives. No affiliate links here – these are just some games our family loves and we think yours will, too!

The Alphabet Game

This one is a timeless class. You’re basically just working your way through the alphabet! Starting with A, each player looks for a word that begins with A on a billboard or street sign, then moving on to B, then to C, and so forth. A qualifying word can only be “called” or claimed by one player, so the first to nab it can move on to their next letter.

Road Trip Games

Consider playing with “wild card” letters like X, Q, or J, which can either be called out of chronological order, or can be called at any point in a word (not necessarily the starting letter).

Find and Seek

This fun scavenger hunt-type game can be played anytime and anywhere! The game starts with a deck of cards. Deal them out to younger children as things to find: while they’re not looking for the exact object on the card, they’ll be hunting for the description it represents.

Road Trip Games

Because different regions vary in their climates, habitats, and surroundings, this will be a fresh game every time you play, whether you’re in your own backyard or 300 miles away or even in a relative’s house (make sure to set boundaries for “touch me nots”). You can get it here, or from your retailer of choice.

Animal Upon Animal: Holiday Edition

If you’ve never played Animal Upon Animal, you’re in for a treat! This is a fun game for children and adults alike, and your child’s nimble fingers may out-play yours!

Road Trip Games

This is one that has made many appearances at our own family gatherings, and the holiday edition is unboxed at this time of year only. Roll the die and carefully stack wooden objects. Topple it, and get extra pieces added to your stash. The goal is to empty your pieces before the other players do! Find it here.

Drive Home Favorites

One particular tradition my family enjoys is playing Drive-Home Favorites.

Road Trip Games

Whether coming home from vacation, or a fun family outing like the movies, or a big holiday gathering, it’s a great conversation starter to go around and take turns reflecting on your favorites:

  • Favorite side dish
  • Favorite thing said at the table
  • Favorite scene in the movie
  • And so on!

Road Trip Games

Not only does this practice help reflect and cement the good memories of spending quality time with family, but it helps develop an attitude of gratitude – and it will also help pass the time in the car!

What are some of your favorite road trip games to play along the way? Let us know below – and contact us if we can help you out with shopping for a new or used RV, or answering any questions about RV financing. Who knows? “The year we got an RV” may well make it into your own family’s list of “favorites” in years to come – so contact us today!

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